Sales is the life blood of a business

The interesting thing about sales is, in most smaller organisations it’s left to individuals, however individuals come and go, get ill, get lazy or sell themselves to the highest bidder. Organisations with a very clear sales process always out perform those who rely on individuals ‐ even when they have an inferior product or service.


Everything is about sales, so the strategy needs to encompass everything you do

Working with a wide variety of organisations and having developed hundreds of highly successful sales processes, means I know it starts by having a clear focus on who your customer is and what they value. This means breaking down the silo’s between sales, marketing, operations and accounts ‐ because sales is too important to be just the sales persons responsibility. It means getting to the core of the business, creating the solutions people want to buy, not simply trying to sell what you do.

Need help in rethinking your sales process?

I work in the East Midlands and live on the south coast ‐ this limits where I can work physically. Because I need to see the business first hand to get a feel, if you are somewhere in between Poole and Leicester the chances are I can make it work.

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