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I’m an addict of personal development, I constantly read and listen to audio books on business and leadership. I regularly attend courses to increase my awareness and ‘sharpen the saw’ ‐ more importantly, I have the experience of working with many great business leaders over the past three decades. I have learnt a lot, but never want to stop learning ‐ when it comes to leadership & coaching what I offer is a sounding board for business leaders and a vehicle to help develop your rising stars.

Leadership Experiences

I organise many events for business leaders to engage in experiences, activities and network at the right level with their peers, prospective customers and suppliers. Experiences can involve skiing, boating or some other activity where leaders are provided with a central activity to challenge themselves. More importantly, they can enagage with other like‐minded leaders and share thinking. This is limited to business owners and is by invitation only as the mix of venue, activity and personality is what generates the magic. If I work with you, you will always be considered and invited if the mix is right.

The Leadership Retreat

The Leadership Retreat, is an apartment in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain dedicated to 'thinking'. This can be rented out as a venue to provide you ‘focused thinking space’ away from the noise of your business. It’s loaded with books, audio CDs and DVD’s on leadership, business skills and psychology. You can rent the apartment in isolation or have skype coaching sessions to stimulate and direct your thinking around a specific topic or business challenge. The Leadership Retreat can only be booked by existing customers.

Could this possibly be right for you?

The leadership & coaching services are typically a contracted service based upon a minimum 12 month period ‐ the chemistry must be right, so it starts with a half‐day discovery session. The leadership experiences are driven by my network and are typically spontaneous and short notice. Event timings, venues and activities are designed to provide an extraordinary backdrop to facilitate business, stimulate thinking and inspire change.

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