Yes please - I'd like to come to LANEFEST 2021

We're all used to 'signing in' when visiting a pub, so hopefully you're happy to register here to let us know a few details which will help us prepare better and keep you informed should things change.

Who has invited you?

How many people are in your group (including yourself)?

Bringing friends and family is fine, we just need an idea of how many people are likely to be coming so we can plan toilets, marquee size, etc.

How many voucher books would you like?

Food and drinks available at LANEFEST will be prioritised for those with vouchers, as this will help us manage how much we buy in, prepare, etc.

Voucher books will be distributed by your host.

Would you like to camp?

Do you want to leave a car overnight?

Who is the main person to contact in your group?

* required fields
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