The FORBIDDEN Technology of Nikola Tesla

Was Tesla was assassinated for his knowledge about free energy?

According to Wikipedia, free energy suppression (or new energy suppression) is a conspiracy theory that technologically viable, pollution-free, no-cost energy sources are being suppressed by government, corporations, or advocacy groups. Devices allegedly suppressed include perpetual motion machines, cold fusion generators, torus-based generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology and other generally unproven, low-cost energy sources.


"It is easier to fool society than convince them they are being fooled!"

Mark Twain


The alleged suppression (or weakening) is claimed to have occurred since the mid-19th century and allegedly perpetrated by various government agencies, corporate powers, special interest groups, and fraudulent inventors. The special interest groups are usually claimed to be associated with the fossil fuel or nuclear industry, whose business model would be threatened.



But what if it was true?

It is said that Tesla could not complete his Wardenclyffe project because Morgan killed it saying “if anyone can get electricity anywhere, then where do we put the meter?”

The relationship between Morgan and Tesla was a complicated one. Morgan was a businessman with excellent business instincts and little care for people. Tesla was a scientist focussed on improving the lives of people. Morgan could not possibly grasp Tesla’s scientific insights and Tesla could not even remotely understand Morgan’s business mind.
But Morgan understood that improving the lives of people would imply less income for his businesses, so he wanted to gain control over what Tesla did.

Tesla’s great loss

In March 1895 much of Tesla's early research -hundreds of invention models, plans, notes, laboratory data, tools, photographs, valued at $50,000- was lost in the 5th Avenue laboratory fire. It is said that Morgan’s men immediately offered financial help in exchange for Tesla’s patent rights. Tesla refused as he had ample funds and income to restore his laboratory by himself. Some believe that it were also Morgan’s men who started this fire.


Since 1888 Tesla had been working tirelessly on what later became known as his Magnifying Transmitter a machine to harvest and distribute atmospheric electricity, but he was very secretive about it. The fact that its main purpose was generating electricity, was never said loud and clear. Though 1 year after the laboratory fire on March 8th, 1896 a strange article appears in “The World Sunday Magazine” titled “Earth electricity to kill monopoly”. The article shows hints of Tesla’s plan but through the eyes of someone who hasn’t got a clue. The reporter clearly could not understand Tesla’s work and filled in the gaps with his own assumptions.
Here is a quote:

The World is on the eve of an astounding revelation. The conditions under which we exist will be changed. The end has come to telegraph and telephone monopolies with a crash. Incidentally, all the other monopolies that depend on power of any kind will come to a sudden stop. The earth currents of electricity are to be harnessed.
Nature supplies them free of charge. The cost of power and light and heat will be practically nothing. The scientist-electricians who have for years been trying to master the mystery of electrical earth currents with which the ground beneath your feet is filled, are on the threshold of success. The success of the experiments they have under way means much to them, but vastly more to the people. It means that if Nikola Tesla succeeds in harnessing the electrical earth currents and putting then to work for man there will be an end to oppressive, extortionate monopolies in steam, telephone, telegraphs and the other commercial uses of electricity, and that
the grasping millionaires who have for two decades milked the people's purse with electrical fingers will have to relinquish their monopoly.


If you want to read more about this visit this website this guy has pulled together a project on the energetic forum to transcribe the correspondence of Tesla that has been saved on microfilm. It makes interesting reading.


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