Best Sales Ever And Operational Costs Slashed

Competing with training brokers who had virtually zero costs and had eroded the market price for our training courses was our greatest threat.

As a provider RISK had to manage the course materials, tutors, delegate bookings, venues and marketing for every course they held. However, their market share was being eroded by ‘training brokers’ who simply passed on delegates without any of this administrative burden. With much lower overheads and being focused almost entirely upon marketing and sales, the ‘broker model’ was much more agile. Mike Adams, the MD of RISK, had recognised he needed to change things to halt this business model eroding his margins.

“I started working with Quiet Storm after Love Business 2012, having been very skeptical about their bold claims, I proceeded with caution. However, I’m pleased to say that we’ve experienced strong year on year growth since working with them, with 2015 being our best year ever!

Their solutions have also reduced the businesses dependency on individuals and enabled me to shrink the operational costs significantly.”

Mike Adams OBE

RISK Health & Safety Training

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