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The London Fertility Centre, Harley Street, is a pioneer in the field of infertility and reproductive medicine and responsible for Europe's first IVF twins in 1982. The London Fertility Centre forms part of Spire Fertility which offers the convenience of fertility investigations, diagnosis and consultation at local Spire hospitals combined with state-of-the-art fertility treatment at advanced treatment centres in London and Edinburgh.

As a highly successful organisation, the product was outstanding – as can be seen from the list below:

LFC's pioneering achievements Include:

•Britain's first IVF twins (1982) and triplets (1984)

•Britain's first GIFT births

•Britain's first egg donor birth (1987)

•World's first IVF birth using LHRH analogues (buserelin, goserelin)

•Britain's first ICSI birth

•World's first PESA birth

•Britain's first embryo donor birth

•Britain's first laser assisted hatching birth

•Hundreds of births following the use of LHRH antagonists (Cetrotide/Orgalutran)


The challenge was how to manage the marketing for this unique but highly sensitive business unit

Having worked with Steve previously, one of the senior management team asked for help. Initially the remit was to put some structure to the current marketing activity and troubleshoot a drop in enquiries. This was quickly addressed and as a result, the management of annual exhibition stand at the UKs major event open to the public was placed.


Exhibiting at the London Fertility Show presented several challenges

The key challenge was the sensitive nature of fertility treatment and how to effectively and ethically engage with delegates.  To make the investment of exhibiting worth while there needed to be tangible results which lead to increased sales. The team selected to attend were a cross section of the different specialisms. They ranged from receptionists to nurses, right up to leading consultants. To add to the challenge, they were also from different Spire hospitals and would only come together for the two day show.

The expertise to optimise return on investment meant creating a fool proof process

Exhibitions are very expensive when you add in the costs of the stand space, people diverted away from daily duties and producing the stand itself. Which is why meticulous planning is the key to success. Using a well structured and proven step by step process, past shows were debriefed and short-comings identified. Realistic objectives were set and a process designed to achieve these goals was mapped out. Once approved the plan was then shared with all the people designated to the stand during the Fertility Show.


Clear measures of success were defined

Previous years had only achieved a handful of initial consultations and sign-ups for mini appointments. This was agreed to be the most ethical way of engaging with the delegates attending. The biggest challenge was the people designated to the stand were not sales people. They expressed how uncomfortable they felt in acting in anyway which may involve closing a sale.


Clear roles were allocated and explained

On an exhibition stand there are several key strategic roles. First you need people to engage with passes-by and they need to be equipped with the scripts (tools to do the job). Then you need a technical minded person who can understand the specific issues the ‘prospect’ may be experiencing. Finally, in this case, there was a consultant who would provide the initial consultation. As well as the briefing document for each of the people on the stand, there was also a ‘face to face’ briefing for everyone before the doors opened. This ensured everyone knew what they were to do, how they went about it and how it was measured. It also included a rota for breaks, so people remained fresh throughout the day.


A fun element was added

The people on the stand were divided into two teams, red and blue and the success measures, people signed up – were recorded in the different coloured ink. This was counted up at the end of each day and a round of applause given to the most successful team and individual.


The result was the most successful event and three times more bookings than predicted

“53 initial consultations booked Saturday, 50 initial consultations booked Sunday. We also had over 130 wish to come in to mini appointments which we aim to convert a percentage of these to actual consultations.  A real team effort from everyone involved, and thanks to Steve for his military operational planning, our stand looked great and worked brilliantly with the private consultations areas.”

Gemma Butler
Client Relationship Manager: Sales and Marketing
Spire Healthcare


“Excellent performance from everyone and a massive thank you to Steve for a fantastic and bullet proof plan!! We proved with good leadership and working together we can not only achieve but exceed our goals and targets.


Saghar Kasiri
Senior Clinical Embryologist & PGS/PGD Coordinator
London Fertility Centre Limited Part of Spire Healthcare


“Well done to everyone who was involved in the Fertility Show. 103 initial consultation surpassed all of our expectations. I feel incredibly proud to work for LFC. When you looked around you could see other stands all seemed quieter than us and the positive response we had from patients who appreciated the time we took to provide them with answers was testament to how well we can all work together as a team.

Well done to Steve who coordinated the whole thing and gave us an excellent platform for managing our future events.”

Zoe Hooper
Head of Business Development and Communications
London Fertility Centre, part of Spire Healthcare


“Yes well done Steve and all the team. This was my third year attending Fertility Show, but by far the best one in organisation, technique, skill and execution. Fantastic team work.

Dr Magdy Asaad
Clinical Director
London Fertility Centre Limited Part of Spire Healthcare





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