Have you got Clear Business Objectives?

The seven simple questions to you need to ask yourself and your people to determine if everyone knows and understands them.

Identifying clear objectives is critical, because it allows you to set priorities. No budget is unlimited and identifying a particular area of need allows total focus on where you can best improve your business. Storming® is a simple 7 step process to channel your thinking and priortise your resources.


1 - What does your best customer look like?

2 - Who is your competition?

3 - What are the key frustrations faced?

4 - What makes you offer different?

5 - How do you build the trust?

6 - How many steps are there to a sale?

7 - How do you know what worked?


Have you got a clear measure on responsabilities?

Every marketing activity you do should be thoroughly thought out and planned. Specifying tasks, actions and timeframes for anyone involved so your customer gets a consistent experience no matter who they engage with. It doesn’t matter whether you sell products or services or whether your offer is a low cost commodity item or high value solution. The single biggest reason for the failure of most sales and marketing activities, is the lack of preparation, process and acountability.

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