Do you know what it takes to be an effective sales person?

Most larger organisations have in-house training functions focused on continually up-skilling their sales people. Most SME's rely on the sales people to get sales without this support. Quiet Storm help develop training tools for larger businesses and work with smaller businesses to ensure their people are equiped with the skills, resources and knowledge -plus the confidence to deliver.


The buying process is constantly evolving, but people still buy from people, which means sales people need to:

• Understand the emotional buying cycle and purchase triggers

• Actively listen to identify opportunities through behaviour and language

• Recognising personality types and understanding their key influencers when making decisions

• Walk through 'their prospects customer journey' and understand what makes a difference

• Develop a personal script to quickly build rappor when deploying the new sales process, and practice, practice, practice


Grasping how to inform, influence and persuade your customers through understand how people think when they are buying

In today’s economy, maximising sales effectiveness is critical – and could make the difference between struggling for survival and generating growth. The training Quiet Storm provide is to ensure that your business is getting the most from your sales resources.

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