With over 30 years experience across multiple sectors and a strong performance record in helping clients achieve their business goals, I have been continually approached to ‘get more involved’ in client businesses.

Running Quiet Storm means I have lots of demands upon my time, and as I have developed the business, I have come to realise there are some things I cannot replicate within the Quiet Storm offer. One such area is my individual approach to providing on-going marketing  and sales support, whether strategic or tactical/task based. These areas, unique to my experience, are now extracted from the Quiet Storm offer (as they cannot be replicated by others). Which is why I started Megson Associates and I now offer these on a tailored basis to a limited number of clients who wish to work with me directly.

Just for the record, I have no plans to sell or exit Quiet Storm, however the services it offers cannot be limited to any individual – this includes myself. As I bring others into the ownership of Quiet Storm, to ensure its continuity, I must also remove the services which limit our growth and sustainability.

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